What makes Player so cool!

The player encoding

The player encoding is a media file encoding algorithm created as a solution to widespread music piracy. The encoding personalises media files in such a way that only the person who bought the media can listen and enjoy the media they bought and if the same file is sent to a second or third party the media file simply notifies the user with a simple message "The media file you are trying to access does not belong to you" and then the file is deleted.The advantages of the player encoding include:

    The player encoded media file does not play on all media players except the player music app.
    It maximises profits to artists or content all content providers can get what they worked for or even more.
    People can now truly own the music that they bought and feel proud of it.
    The Player Encoding solves the problem of multimedia piracy through its personalization and encoding technique.

Further developement is being conducted by AI so as to introduce the encoding to large video files like movies and real time video footages.

Connecting the listener to the artist

Player reduces the gap between the listeners and the content provider. Listeners can send a review, rate or even communicate with artists,producers or content providers on the fly. Player offers a feature that interlinks the music producer with the listener so as to produce better media quality. A listener on player can follow his favourite artists so as to get updates and feedback on his latest tracks. Also the player feed platform allows the artist or even a listener to share anything and then in just a second all his followers will have access to the shared content.


Pure digital content transparency for artists

The content provider has utmost control on the media they produce. When ever your media is viewed or bought you get a notification. You can have all the information you need for example you can view how many people played or bought your song so as to validate the amount of money the content provider is recieving from player.

Amazing Compatibility.

The player music app is avaliable on Android, Windows Desktop, Windows Phone, MacOS, iOS and even Ubuntu to those who like using Linux. You can sync your media files across all your platforms.